What locations are not participating in Pi Day?
Disney Springs, George Mason University, UCLA, airports and stadiums.

How many pizzas can I get for $3.14 on Pi Day?
It's one per person. Any additional pizzas ordered that day will be regular price.

Can I order online or through the app?
No. The Pi Day deal is only available for in-restaurant orders.

Is gluten-free included?
Gluten-free is included in the Pi Day deal. Any additional pizzas purchased at regular price will be subjected to the gluten-free upcharge.

Is high-rise crust free?
There will still be an upcharge for high-rise dough. 

Can multiple orders be purchased for families?
Yes, if all members of the family are present. 

When does Pi Day end? 
Pi Day is from open - close on March 14, 2019, only. 

Which locations are not participating? 
Disney Springs, George Mason University, UCLA, airports, and stadiums.

What if I don't have a smartphone?
All are welcome!

Can kids get in on the Pi Day deal?
Of course! Any kid that is present during purchase can get a pizza for $3.14.